About Me

I'm a 2D artist that originally hails from Darwin, Australia. I began my artistic journey at the age of 5, I had fallen in love with shows like Pokémon and Sailor Moon. Something about them really captured my imagination. I wanted to emulate their fun characters and fantastical worlds, and perhaps create my own comics and illustrations just like them. My artwork served as an important surrogate distraction from broken family circumstances and later, homelessness during my teenage years.


Everything about my situation was miserable, but I was engrossed in the idea that I could make the world around me more beautiful with my creations, so I continued to chip away at it, practicing on my own. The culmination of my experiences and influences has thus lead me to a driving philosophy behind the art style I have since developed. As much as I was influenced by Eastern styles growing up, I wanted my characters to look more visually distinct yet still retain their visual appeal. I sought to combine realistic influences with my stylistic abstractions, with the intent that they may more-so reflect a wider pool of people from all sorts of backgrounds.