Late O'Clock

December 6, 2018

It's 9pm. I should be in bed by all rights. Even took a melatonin to motivate the whole going to sleep process. But I guess by nature, I get all my energy at night. It's been a couple years since my last blog post, though awkwardly all I want to talk about is the past month. After taking a couple courses at CGMA (CG Master Academy), I found after those few weeks with instructors and having them push me to newer concepts and understanding, I entirely evolved how I approach art. Not just art, but comics too.


I know how to better stage my process. I know how to plan compositions before I even think about what elements go into a page. I understand story beats a lot better, and how to make my drawings feel more alive on a technical level. Most importantly I rediscovered through all of this how to draw by feeling again. It's something I lost a long time ago when I was a teenager. When drawing was purely a fun pursuit and nothing was taken too seriously. Not before the dreaded anatomy books attacked.


Though I don't blame or otherwise look down upon the process of becoming stiff with my work, or others who took the same path. I think it's necessary to build any remote foundation. It's fine to forgo any sense of movement and just come to grips with what is technically right  for a while. Not to say they can't be learned in tandem, some of these are just hard areas to balance when you lack any formal instruction. And that's why I'm very glad I took this course, it not only reintroduced more advanced concepts but gave insight on how to approach learning them further on my own.


And that's really what I'm most excited about. I don't think I've actually painted anything since yet, besides the required coursework. I've just found myself getting lost in a lot of gestural sketching, testing ideas, moods, lighting, possible framing rather than committing to anything solid. It's honestly just very fun and it was a huge motivation booster to hear my friends (my harshest critics,) agree my work has more energy present in it now. The other night I was rather ecstatic to produce this image in the span of less than an hour.





What is it? No idea. It actually didn't do too well on social media compared to my other sketches. Maybe it was the spider, haha. However what it symbolized for me is the culmination of my progress up to this point. No planning, no composition, no sketching basic shapes and no true attention to technical accuracy. It just came out as it is. It's definitely not perfect, I can see a lot of things I'd tweak. What I like though, is it's pretty solid compared to something I'd have drawn a mere month ago in an attempt to do the same thing. Suppose this is just really a self congratulatory post ... but. If I don't like my own work and can't celebrate my own progress, I can't expect others to, either. Onwards! 


- Spud.


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